Sunday, July 19, 2009

A pale line is still a line!

Thank goodness for my sister is all I have to say! I woke up Tuesday morning and decided to take my first pregnancy test. After all, I had them in the cupboard and was dying to use on. I NEVER expected anything to come of it. In fact, I was sort of taking it "for fun." I didn't look at the clock to time the 3 minutes wait, but left the bathroom, made the bed, and wondered back in to put my make up on. I glanced at the test, not nervous at all, and picked it up to toss in the trash as there was only one line. As I was about to drop it, I saw the faintest line EVER next to the dark pink line. It was so light I could not even tell you it was pink. I still did not think much of it, but I remembered a story my sister had t old me about a friend not being able to read a pregnancy test because the line was so light. "A line is a line," I remember my sister saying. How could someone not read a pregnancy test? I remembered thinking. I was totally that person right now! I was more confused than anything, but really thinking it was negative. So I ran across the street to CVS and bought the expensive digital test that reads "yes" or "no" like a computer. I figured I couldn't screw that one up. So I took it home and sure enough it popped up "YES" instantly! I was shocked! Tony is out of town on business, so of course I planned on waiting to tell him in a "cute" way when he returned. That lasted about 10 hours. That night as soon as I got him on the phone I blurted it out! I had to talk to someone about it! We are both in a little bit of shock that it happened so quickly, but of course we are thrilled!

The original digital test and another test about a week after the first one