Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last Kindermusik

Today was our last Kindermusik of the semester. The kids got "graduation" certificates and will move on to the second half of the class in January. I know Laney will be sad to go a whole month without class. She loves it! She is our own little teacher's pet.... always in the front of class, staring at the teacher! It was such a fun experience and the kids have all come so far since September. We started out laying on the mat, and now class is all the babies grabbing the guitar, crawling all over, and and playing together. The babies have all gotten very comfortable with each other and love to play together or with the other parents. Many of the babies are at the "we don't like strangers" phase, but they all love everyone in class now! At one point today every mom had someone else's kid! Dellan is the only one in class who crawls around and doesn't pay much attention to the teacher! But Laney and the other kids are all paying attention and love to be right up front (grabbing the guitar is their favorite!). Here is Laney in her happy place:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Day at the Park

We met 3 of our friends at the park today and had so much fun! I was a little worried that Dellan would be crawling all through the wet grass, ruining his clothes, and eating dirt. But it turns out the little man is terrified of grass! We set all the babies down on the blanket, and dellan headed straight for the edge. The second his hand touched the grass he started crying! He tried a couple more times on other sides of the blanket, but would touch it very slowly (just one blade) and look at me and cry. He hated the stuff! So we had no problem! He stayed on the blanket all by himself. After playing outside for awhile (and eating puffs!) we tried out the swing. Dellan loved it when I would get up close to him as he came forward, and Laney showed her approval by sniffing and clapping... yes sniffing. She has started scrunching up her face and sniffing when she likes something. It is as funny as it sounds! There are several pictures below mid sniff. She also claps nonstop these days. After a few minutes of swinging (that's all they lasted) we went to the pond to see the ducks. I didn't expect the kids to acknowledge the ducks, but was happily surprised by their interest. They loved them! Our friend had brought some bread to feed them, so they all came right in front of the kids and they would just stare and smile. They couldn't get enough! Next stop... the zoo!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Amanda!

We headed up north for the Giants game last week and it was perfect timing to swing by Oakdale for Aunt Amanda's birthday. It was so fun to play with cousins Paige and Levi and see all 3 of our Great-Grandparents. We all went to BJ's for her birthday where the babies say in high chairs for the first time!