Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

I caught Laney on video today when she rolled over (for the third time today!) and videoed Dellan on tummy time since he seemed to be holding his head up well. He actually rolled over! His very first time rolling over is on video. Thank you luck... Daddy appreciates it in New York.

Family Visit

My Mom, Sister, Paige, and Levi came down to stay with us for the week. It was so much fun! We were a little nervous how Paige and Levi would do out of their element and their cribs, but they exceeded all our expectations. They were great and had so much fun. We went to Duke's for dinner, Paradise Cove to the beach, the mall, swimming, and had so much fun together here at the house. Here's a recap of the week in pictures. I wish they lived closer so we could be together all the time!


We love our new toys! The babies are holding their heads up really well these days so we tried out Bumbo seats and they worked great! The kids, especially Laney, really like being able to sit up instead of always laying around. They can reach their toys if we put them on the tray and play independently for 10 minutes or so. I am hoping the excersaucers and Bumbo seats will help round out their heads. The babies love looking at new toys, but are wanting to get them and/or put them in their mouth. The only problem is they aren't quite coordinated enough to get a toy in their hand and to their mouth... except for the Oball! They are our favorite toy around here! The babies can easily grab them with one or both hands and get them to their mouth. They try to suck on them and stick their tongue in the holes. We also have an Oball with rattles and a loopy toy version that they can hold onto well.

Rolling Over!

Laney has rolled over 3 days in a row now! Neither baby is a fan of Tummy Time to put it mildly. They will hold their head up for about a minute and then cry and rub their head in the ground until you flip them over. But Laney surprised me this week! All of a sudden she will hold her head up almost 90 degrees and leave it there for awhile. With this new strength she also figured out how to roll onto her back. She has only done in 5 times (3 right in a row) and will only do it right away before her neck gets too tired, but she has the idea figured out. I didn't get it on video but here are some action shots. The one of her crying is probably the most realistic of what tummy time looks like around here!

The Noodle

Laney is often referred to as "The Noodle" around here. She doesn't like to put any weight on her legs (where Dellan will stand and is much more stiff) and just "crumbles" when you try to stand her up. She also just likes to relax. Since day one she hasn't liked to be bothered. This includes moving her in any way. She gets over it almost immediately, but lets you know she would rather be left alone most of the time. This video cracks me up. I was taking it of Dellan talking with Daddy and couldn't help but laugh at Laney when I watched it. This is what Laney does as much as we'll let her. She liked to squish herself sideways in her Nap Nanny and just stare... at the TV or whatever else is around. Of course we make her do tummytime and playtime but this is Laney in her Happy Place...

Sleeping in!

The babies have given Mommy some extra sleep lately and of course I am loving it! I had to wake them up at 8am Sunday, Laney woke up at 815 yesterday, and at 730 today. We all seem a little happier in the morning with the extra couple hours sleep. Sunday (the first morning they had ever made it past 7, when I woke them up at 8) this is what I saw. Laney was at the bottom of her crib with her Woombie totally turned around. Woombies are really tight and stretch to the babies body, so how she got it twisted backwards is a mystery to me.

Monday, June 28, 2010


It was a hot weekend so Tony and I took the kids in the pool for the first time. They actually didn't mind it. I think it probably felt good to cool off, especially for Dellan who is always a million degrees and sweaty. Of course Laney cried for a second, but got over it as soon as the "shock" was over.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy first Father's Day Daddy! We spent the day at Daddy's favorite place... the beach! The babies enjoyed a few hours in t he fresh air, until it got too windy in the late afternoon. Thanks to Grandma and Auntie Shannon they even took good naps. We came home for a few hours and then went to Vivoli for dinner. This is the tiny Italian place the babies had their meltdown at last month. They redeemed themselves and slept through the whole meal and woke up happy at the end. The waitress and owner knwo us when we walk in now and were happy we didn't stay away because of last time... or so they said! We had a great dinner as our little family of 4! The accordion player came over and played for the kids for 15 minutes.... including somewhere over the rainbow (our wedding song) and Happy Birthday (mine was Wednesday) for us. The babies were happy to sing and dance along.