Saturday, January 30, 2010

Goodbye Work!

This was our 32nd week of pregnancy and the doctor, the babies, and myself decided we were ready to be done with work for awhile. I was blessed to have a job where I could sit for much of the day (my students were incredibly helpful... it's amazing how much third graders can do to help out!). I would not have been able to work for so long had I had a different job or younger kiddos. Although I am looking forward to a few weeks (hopefully) of free time to get the house and the nursery together, it is always sad to say goodbye to students. I had 5 of my students in class last year as second graders as well and have grown close to many of the families I am used to seeing everyday.

My room parents (thank you Melanie!) were kind enough to throw a class baby shower before I left. The kids got to smell and guess flavors of baby food including turkey, chicken, and beef (nasty!... thank you Melanie) and eat pink and blue cookies. The students had heard about my shower up north a couple weeks ago, so it was fun for them to have their own. I guess I had mentioned that showers are usually for girls when I was leaving for my Oakdale shower, so one of my boy students asked if the boys could go fishing during our class shower! So funny. I have no clue where fishing came from!

The class got together and purchased one of my single strollers. There was a huge stroller recall just 3 days before the shower, but so far I think the lite rider models are okay. Thank you to all my students and parents for your generosity and warm wishes!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

School Baby Shower

The other third grade teachers planned a baby shower for me last Friday morning before school. They had decorations, goodies, and gifts in the teacher's lounge. It was very thoughtful and so appreciated! I am still amazed at how generous they were. They got me his and hers excersaucers, bouncy seats, and a humidifier. Thank you Westlake Hills!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I am finally starting to get our house unpacked. Although we've lived here a little over 2 weeks, I have yet to be here for a weekend, so I haven't had much time to get everything done. I've been doing a little each day after work, but I woke up this morning ready to unpack and get this house looking like a home! Unfortunately I don't think my body will let me do everything my mind would like to, but at least I have 3 days this weekend. I am doing as much as I can sitting down and am making sure I am not breaking any doctor's orders... no worries.

My mom is amazing and is coming to the rescue tomorrow. She knows I need the house unpacked and am on a bit of a time schedule so she is driving all the way down just to help for two days. I couldn't be more thankful! The truth is I actually trust my mom to unpack and put things where they belong even more than myself... moms always seem to know where things should go! I have, however, managed to get the kitchen, master bedroom/bathroom, and closet done on my own (and if you know me, the closet was a major project!). I will post more house pictures soon after Mom comes in and works her magic.

Here are a few pics of the newly painted nursery and the humongous closet. This is the first time I have ever been able to hang summer and winter clothes at the same time! Tony is also now included in the master closet and no longer has to travel to the guest room to get dressed! I love this house, but the closet/bathroom sealed the deal!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Daddy's first baby purchase

Tony came home from surfing today with this:

This is his first purchase for the kiddos (well that he has bought on his own... he has paid for about a million things I have picked up!). He has added the "water bugs" or the "grommets" to the list of things we call them these days. He is so excited to get these two in the water and surfing. As soon as summer comes they'll have no choice but to be beach babies. I will be sitting on the beach having a heart attack while he has them in the water I'm sure.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

30 week update

I had my 30 week checkup with the perinatologist today and everyone is doing great! I have been so blessed with an easy pregnancy thus far. Both babies are head down and have been since 12 weeks, so the doctor is fairly sure they will stay that way. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but the doctors are thrilled and would like me to try to deliver them as they are in the perfect position. It is rare that they are lined up so perfectly, so I guess maybe that is God's way of saying I should try?!?! I don't know. I am confused on what the right decision is for delivery. I will talk to my doctor about all the details and get my questions answered next week. Although it is great news they are both head down, they are also very low which means both heads are right there next to my cervix. My perinatologist said very simply, " If you want to make it to 36 weeks, which is full term for you, you need to sit. If you don't, you won't make it." I am allowed to work, walk, do the stairs at the house, etc, but have to be careful with standing for long periods of time so gravity doesn't cause my cervix to start dilating. Right now my cervix is great and has no sign of thinning or shortening, so she told me to unpack and do anything I want to do in the next week and start sitting at 32 weeks. I am thankful for my next week of freedom and promised to follow her directions.

Both babies are measuring above average for 30. 5 weeks. Dellan has a large head and is measuring at about 33 weeks and weighs 3 pounds 11 ounces. The doctor is not concerned because Tony is 6'8'', so it makes sense we have bigger babies. Delaney is currently 3 pounds 8 ounces and measuring at 32 weeks. I am glad the babies are weighing in at strong weights just incase they come early. Combined with 3 pounds each of water and placenta, my body is carrying almost 13 pounds of baby and "stuff" right now. The doctor explained that my body does not know it is carrying multiples, so once I hit a certain amount of weight it will want to kick into labor. Although there are no signs of this yet, the babies being low concerns them that I won't make it to 36 weeks, so I will start staying put in a week or so. I plan on working through the end of January because I am able to sit most of the day at work.

Of course Laney decided to cooperate today for the first time during an ultrasound. Unfortunately they are too big for 3D to really work, so you can't see much. I had never seen anythng but the back of her head so it made me fee better to see that at least she has a nose, eyes and mouth. I think that looks like a Hensley nose too! The 3D look weird because they are squished up against everything.

The first picture is both their heads right next to each other, the next is the only picture we could get of Dellan today, and the rest are 2D and 3D of Laney. None are too clear, but you can tell they're getting chubby cheeks!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oakdale Baby Shower

My mom and my sister threw the most amazing baby shower for me this weekend. It was perfectly me to say the least. I have a thing for cute little stick figure people (hence my wedding invitations as well), so they continued the theme and had invitations and a cake with stick figure babies! You can tell instantly from looking at the pictures that it doesn't look like a traditional baby shower. The babies' nursery is going to be red and white (also my favirte color), so the shower was also red! They had red and white M&M's, polka dot napkins, placemats, and diaper cakes to match! Our friend Kari even made adorable pinwheel centerpieces. Thank you! The favors were twinkies with custom labels... needless to say Tony loved this part.

It was wonderful to see so many long-time friends. Thank you to everyone that made it out! I appreciate and love each and every one of you. I had a fabulous day and I received many generous and adorable gifts as well. The babies got their double stroller, dresser, changing table, bouncy seat, baby bjorn, toy chest, bath goodies, pacifiers, toys, and so much more! I am so blessed to still have my grandparents, and my Grandma Mary made a quilt for each baby. My sister designed and ordered My Blankee blankets in black and white polka dot and dalmation with matching pacifier clips embroidered with their initials. They will be the cutest carseat babies in all black and white! My sister's friend, Kari, who also has boy girl twins got Delaney the cutest custom onesie I have ever seen! My long-time friend Megan also added to Laney's cuteness collection by bringing several hand-made headband bows. She and a friend make the most amazing baby bows. It might be a good thing I don't live in Oakdale, or I would have a bow made to match every outfit! Dellan and Laney also got their coming home outfits from Grammie. Hopefully in about a month I will post photos of the babies in their outfits!

Thank you Mom and Amanda for a perfect day!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monday - Monday

It's amazing what can happen in a week! Tony and I found a house we loved in Calabasas and put in an offer a few weeks ago. After some negotiating we signed an offer and were into escrow. Unfortunately Christmas week brought some news we may lose the house. Needless to say I was an emotional wreck. This whole process has been one of my least favorite things ever! Long story short, Tony and I were driving back to LA last Monday and got the call that not only did we have the house, but we could move in this week!

Tuesday-Friday were spent packing the condo, picking paint colors, and furniture shopping. I think I surprised even myself by succeeding in packing the whole condo in 3 days by myself in my third trimester with twins. Needless to say my feet were not a fan of my new found energy. The new house has a large living room where we need a sectional or sofas. I would take breaks by running to numerous furniture stores... I think I sat in 100 sofas in 3 days! We still have not decided on the perfect one, but I think we are getting closer.

Friday and Saturday we had painters come paint almost the entire house. The kitchen and the family room were rose pink and the bathroom was shiny metallic gold! Now we have a nice, neutral colored home :0)

Saturday and Sunday were moving days! I thought these would be nice and relaxing days for me compared to the packing chaos I had just done. I was so wrong. Although we hired movers (okay street labor Tony picked up on the side of the road!) I had to follow them everywhere to tell them exactly where to put everything. By mid Sunday we had everything in the new house and my body was beat. I don't think I've ever felt so tired and sore.

Back to Monday meant back to work. Although I wanted nothing more than to stay at home and unpack the house, it was relaxing for my body to go back to work as I can sit almost the entire day. I would look forward to unpacking this coming weekend, but I will be flying up north for my shower on Friday. Looks like unpacking will just have to wait a few weeks.

In the mean time Tony and I have yet to unpack a single box. We have, however located the necessities, which include the "Food and utencils" box we found on the bottom of a pile this morning. Yesterday morning Tony had to eat his Captain Crunch with a large mixing spoon! Those utencils were quite a find! In fact, I enjoyed Captain Crunch and Instant Breakfast (thanks to the same box) for dinner. Oh, the memories you make moving!

Here are the listing photos for the house. I will post some new ones (with our new colors) once we get unpacked.