Saturday, December 18, 2010

Little Gym

We doubled up on Little Gym this week and went to the holiday party Friday night and regular class Saturday Morning.

The kids love it, and we really like the staff and the structure of the class. It is a true workout for the little ones, but all while having fun! Dellan liked to crawl and explore these days. He is into climbing from one mat to a higher one (I won't let him on the stairs at home so this is as close as he gets!) and he is working on crawling over an open space. He can get his hands over, but hasn't figured out how to get his legs over it yet. Laney is still working on crawling! She has ability, and a very strong core, but lacks in the motivation department. She is perfectly happy to wave, "dance," and talk to everyone there.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Laney was in the room screaming (yes, Laney has mastered screaming through a binkie)while I was making my lunch. I walked in to find this:


Talk to the Hand

Dellan and Laney have been each other's best friend and worst enemy lately. They love to be right next to each other (literally ON TOP OF each other if possible) all the time. They usually sit so they are touching each other somewhere (back to back is a new favorite). They look at each other when they eat and just laugh! But for every smile and laugh there are 3 screams and yells! Dellan is mobile, Laney is not, and Dellan is taking advantage. He steals her toys, climbs over her, sits on her, scratches her, grabs her face, pokes her eye, pulls her hair, you name it! But the toy taking has gotten out of hand! Already! I can't believe they are only 9 months old and such a handful together. They always want what the other one has, and will go back and forth taking back "their" toy forever.

Dellan crawling in top of Laney usually results in this:

Talk to the hand brother:

And we can get along great!

Fun With Issac

We had a fun weekend with our best friends Matt, and Elyse, and their little one Isaac. The kids had Little Gym together on Saturday morning, went to dinner and hung out until late Saturday night (the mommies are not used to this late hour! We had to drag the daddies away from their beer!), enjoyed the beautiful Sunday at the park, and met Daddies for lunch in their office Monday afternoon. I am so thankful for such amazing friends and love that the kids will grow up so close to each other. Isaac is only 4 months old, but he can hold his own with my two. He loves to be on his tummy (take notes Laney) and gets so frustrated watching Dellan crawl around. He wants to join in so bad! Now if we could get Laney in the same boat! The kids had fun in the swings, going down the slide, and riding the teeter totter at the park, and of course they had a blast hanging out with the guys in the office... Dad is the best entertainment there is!