Monday, July 19, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coo Coo Bird

Just for Auntie Amanda...

I thought Laney looked pretty darn cute this morning so I took some pictures to post on the blog. Whenever I take a picture of them I take at least 20-30 and hope for one decent one. When I went through the pictures this is what I got. Silly girl was making the weirdest faces today... worthy of Cousin Paige's "Coo Coo Bird" face if I do say so myself.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Dellan's hair is finally long enough to spike. He really only has it in the middle so its a little natural mohawk, but pretty cute!



... or lack thereof.

I heard Dellan do a frustrated grunt a few times in the other room and then stop, so I continued getting my lunch together in the kitchen. When I walked into the room this is how I found poor D. He is not quite coordinated enough to grab and move the toy, so after no one came he gave up and went right along playing happily like this.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A cold summer

So far our summer has been very mild. The morning have been particularly cold downstairs in our house. These are the only warm outfits I have in 3-6 months. But they are so cute!

Just another hard day at work...

Our thoughts on cereal...

Monday, July 5, 2010

4 Months

The twins are 4 months old this week! I am already missing the tiny baby things, but am loving the developing personalities and laughs the babies are bringing into the house. They are as different now as the day they were born.

LANEY: She has a mind of her own!

- 14lb 7 oz (75%), 25.5 inches (90%)

- Nicknames: Laners, Noodle, Laneybug, Noodlebug, The Bug (you see where this is going...), Squeeker (for the way she screams), Sis, Sissy, Sister, Gertrude McFuzz, Suzie, Sister Sue

- Likes: being left alone, squishing sideways in her Nap nanny, squishing sideways in her bouncy seat, grabbing things above her on the play mat, Chilly and Chilito (blue stuffed penguins eating ice cream), the color purple, her mommy, napping in her swing, sitting upright, binkies, grabbing onto her clothes, smiling at her brother.

- Dislikes: being bothered, moved, touched, etc., getting her dirty diaper changed, standing or putting weight on her legs, generic brand formula, moving from one activity to another, going to bed in her Pack n Play or stroller, pooping, laying down when being held.

- Descriptions: persnickety, fussy, gassy, stinky, smiley, inquisitive, picky, big blue eyes, hair that sticks straight up on her head, a high pitched voice, a soft, very high "talking" voice, shy smiles (she turns her head when she smiles), arches her back and looks over her right shoulder when she's tired, falls asleep quickly but wakes up early from naps, generally happy to watch TV in her chair and "chill" for as long as you'll let her.

DELLAN: Our happy little guy!

- 15lb 2oz (60%), 25in (55%)

- Nicknames: D-mo, Delmo, D, Mo-mo, Mr. MIster, Buddy Buddy, Bud, Brother, My Guy, Del, Squeeker (for the sound he makes when he eats), Deemie, Deemers, Deem

- Likes: attention, being talked to or smiled at, playing, the giraffe and the sun on his excersaucers (He will stare at them for 30 minutes!), eating as soon as he wakes up, being swaddled, talking, his daddy, the "marching, marching" game where you march or run with his feet, standing up with strong legs, smiling, Baby Einstein (especially the train on Baby Beethoven), kicking his feet, bouncing in his chair, Carl the caterpillar, flying with dad.

- Dislikes: tummy-time, waiting for food if it is not ready when he wakes up, not being able to suck on his toys due to lack of coordination, the sun, bright outside light, sleeping with his arms free

- Description: User friendly, engaged, happy, a ham (jamon) (smiles, talks and laughs whenever you give him attention), often has a hard time finding "a spot" to go to sleep but sleeps great once he finds one, loves to be in his Bumbo or excersaucer but hates to hold his head up on his tummy. makes a bird like squeeking sound when he eats.