Saturday, October 23, 2010

Changing Schedules

Today is the first day of a new schedule. The schedule seemed to change a lot when they were younger, but we have been on the same 4 hour schedule for several months now. I would happily stay with our 3 nap schedule, but the babies have been letting me know they are ready for a change. They have been horrible nappers lately... 45 minute naps instead of 2 hour, waking up early in the morning, and falling apart at night). I reread Babywise 2 this week and was reminded that they are at the exact age to drop the evening nap (Everyone with kids needs to read these books monthly, I swear!). Going down to two naps also means rearranging the schedule a little so they aren't exhausted by evening. I was expecting today o me a disaster, but so far so good. The babies are almost 2 hours into nap 2!!!!) This change also has us eating solids 3 times a day rather than two. I significantly lowered the amount of cereal they were eating and brought in a few more servings of fruit and veggies. I was a little worried about the kids getting chubb-o last month, but Dellan has become the incredible shrinking baby this week! He learned to sit and "crawl" backwards and move in every direction this week and there went the rolls. We bought all his winter clothes a size bigger anticipating huge kiddos and they are hanging on him! We had to make a run to Gymboree this week to get some smaller shirts... the sleeves were driving him crazy going over his hands. Laney has come a long way these past 2 weeks as well, but she is still not too "mobile." She will roll out of the Nap Nanny now and easily rolls both ways, but still prefers her back to her stomach. I have no doubt she will be right behind her brother. The biggest change with Laney has been her personality. She is a crack up these days! She has the loudest, highest voice you have ever heard and just happily screams and shrieks nonstop. We took her out to dinner last night and I kept wanting to apologize to everyone sitting around us as she provided the background music for the evening. But she is a happy girl :0)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Laney got the giggles tonight

Pumpkin Festival

The biggest annual event in Calabasas is the Pumpkin Festival... and it's right down the street! They shut the street down for booths and vendors, and fill the park with games, bouncies, fair food, face painting, a pumpkin patch, and a stage with live music... oh, and a beer garden! A whole group of us with babies met at our place and walked over Saturday. The babies wore their Halloween leg warmers (thank you Grammie and Target dollar bins!) and looked so cute! The beer garden let babies in, so we made our own romper room in there with 9 babies under one year old! So funny. I was happily surprised that both babies fell asleep and took a little nap amidst the commotion. D peed through his onesie in the Bjorn (the second time this has happened!) so he got a new one with an orange polka dot tie (It was all I could find in his size at the fair... but very cute)!

Stay still, look at the camera, and smile...

yeah right!

Getting a good picture of the babies these days is near impossible, and getting one of both of them looking in the same direction is even harder. Now that they are somewhat mobile they are too busy and distracted to pose for mom. But you can see their real facial expressions (and the constant stream of drool that poors from Deem's mouth).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Does this make me look fat?

We met a couple friends for a playdate in the park today and wore our rash guards and bathing suit bottoms so we could play in the splash pad and go swimming after. Let's just say tight rashguards and my babies are not such a good match. Laney's belly was hanging out in every picture! The sweet little girly/ruffle set is not so cute on my tubbo. And Dellan is in Levi's old size 2 outfit... size 2! I know they are big, but there is no way he is a size 2!

When we got there we learned that the splash pad is turned off oct. 1 for winter, so we just hing our and played on the blanket. Dellan kept trying to grab the camera, so I ended up with a million pictures that are half covered by his hand.

Issac is growing up so fast and we are so excited he is big enough to play with us now. He and Laney had fun lounging together for awhile. Meanwhile Dellan and Marley continue to become friends. Marley gave Dellan lots of kisses and Dellan continued to roll down the slight hill right into Marley's lap.

Dellan can sit almost anywhere now, but I still put him in the boppy so I know he won't hurt himself when he falls over. I stuck Laney in it for a second today and by the time I turned around this is what she looked like! She can do the gorilla style sit if she tries, but we all know Laney is not always into trying her best! I had to squish up a towl to prop her up a little better.

After the park Elyse and Isaac came back to go swimming. We LOVED cooling down in the pool. It was a hot day today!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This morning the babies are not keeping it any secret that they are getting older and capable of a lot more than they used to be...

Last night about 20 minutes after I put the babies to bed Dellan started to talk/fuss so I went to see what was going on and found him between the bumper and the end of his crib banging his head on the wood.

This morning he woke up at 6:30 (an hour earlier than usual) and walked in to see his little feet through the slats on the side of the crib... he had pushed the bumper down and exposed the slats.

Since he was up before Laney I put him in his nap nanny in front of the TV while I made breakfast. I have never strapped them in as they are on the carpet and have high sides so the kids have never even tried to move out of them. I heard him grunting (not upset)so I just continued making his breakfast. When I came in a minute later he was face down (belly down) half on the ground, face in the side of the napnanny. He had "gracefully" rolled/scooted himself down and over to which he was very pleased.

After breakfast the babies played on the playmat like usual (I always run upstairs and get their clothes) and D rolled himself at least 10 times so he was on the only small patch of hardwood floor and rolled and banged his head (he didn't hurt himself... he doesn't care, but it scared me for a second).

The babies looked pretty cute so I put them on the couch to take pictures and both babies easily went from sitting to "falling" on their belly and smiled. I won't let them do this on the floor because it's too hard.

And just now I put the babies down for their morning nap in the swings since we leave for Kindermusik in 45 minutes. I was watching TV in the next room with Hula when I hear this loud clicking sound over and over. It scared me... it was pretty loud. I ran in (partly expecting to find one on the floor after the morning we had had so far) and Laney was stretched up holding on to one of the leaves that rotate and spin over their head with a HUGE smile on her face. So long rotating feature, you have been permanently turned off. I do not look forward to the day (which I know is soon) that we have to say goodbye to the swings.

And here I thought I was baby-proofed...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby legs

We love our Babylegs...leg warmers that actually fit over our chunky thighs! We think we're pretty darn cute!

Pumpkin Patch

We decided we needed to take the kids somewhere fun this weekend. A friend had told me about a pumpkin patch in Moorpark so we thought we'd check it out. It was in the 90's so no Halloween outfits, but bucket hats instead. I was expecting a normal pumpkin patch, but this place was huge! It is a farm that is open all year, but is especially big in October. Aunt Shannon met us there and the babies were in their bjorn (their favorite place to be!) the whole time. We had so much fun and saw so many things...

We saw farm animals for the first time! We watched a pig race (our pink pig won!), got up close with a huge, snorting pig, watched big horses pull wagons, and saw lots of chickens and furry cows!

We watched a chicken puppet show, met some scarecrows, and saw thousands of pumpkins!

Dellan's favorite for the day was the tractor! He was pretty quite all day just staring and taking everything in, but the second a tractor would drive by he would wildly kick his feet and arms and get huge eyes. We took him on a ride behind a tractor and instead of looking at the sights (sunflower fields, hanging squash, mazes, and so much more!) he stared at the tractor the whole time.

By far the highlight of the day for Laney was the live folk music. She had her mouth open with a huge grin the entire time she could hear the music. She would belly laugh is anyone would dance or when Shannon would "dance" with her. She has always loved music and dancing, but I think folk music is her thing!

Daddy got fresh homemade donuts and let us lick the powdered sugar off his finger