Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to Isaac

Friday was Isaac's birthday! He is one of our very best buddies, and we couldn't wait to celebrate with him! We met him at the Splash pad for some Friday afternoon, and made some special paintings for him that morning. We had some yogurt that expired that day, so we added some food coloring and we had paints! (That Laney could eat, because you know she would!). I gave the babies binkies to limit the amount they ate, and it worked perfectly for D. Laney just took her binkie out while she ate it off the other hand. She has always been the more "artistic" of the two, but Dellan was really into it this time! He spread the paint so much that it turned into a big brown blob. I had to keep giving him new papers. We let the paints dry outside and cut them into letters to spell Isaac's name the next day!

Saturday was Isaac's birthday party (from 11-3) and we took an extra long nap from 11-230, so we missed the party and all our friends! But we had fun playing with Isaac and his family until bedtime. We just had our own party! SO sorry Isaac buddy for being so late :0( Part of the party favor bags were these star sunglasses that Laney, of course, modeled for us.

The Huffs didn't know that they had hired entertainment, but Laney found Isaac's grandpa Larry hilarious! She was belly laughing and cracking up with him the whole night. I probably had 50 pictures of Laney laughing outside on the patio with him :0)

Laney also learned how to stick her arms out and do "I don't know" this week and she has run with it. She even has teh same face every time. There are 3 pictures in a row from different times in the night of her making the same face and the same hand motion. She does this when you ask her anything she is not sure about (or doesn't want to answer).

Happy birthday I-Guy. We love you and can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays together!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I took the kids to Underwood Family Farms again this afternoon just to get out of the house. It was amazing how much they have changed since the last time we came (on their birthday). They are both walking now, so they were actually a lot less messy. But I actually think they had a lot more fun. They know a lot of their animals now and the sounds they make, so it was neat to see them pair that with the real thing. Although Laney is the stronger "academically" with animal sounds and accuracy, everything said "Mooooooo" today! She would name it right, but it always said Mooooo. Her favorite was the sand pit (of course!) and Dellan just loved having freedom! He ran around, climbed through the entire wooden train, drove the tractor, and had fun in the tunnel. There are a lot of pictures, but they really narrate the day!