Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A whale of a Time!

I bought an inflatable whale shaped pool for the backyard and blew it up inside this afternoon. It took forever to blow up with a small hand pump I borrowed from my neighbor, but the kids thought it was great! They played in that thing all afternoon. Their hair was standing straight up from all the static! I should have some fun pictures of the whale outside coming soon... it connects to the hose and "blows" water :0)

Memorial Weekend =

BBQ X3, swimming, playdates, bubbles, and fun!

We started the weekend with no plans and ended up with daytime playdates (swimdates!), and evning BBQs all 3 days! We are so very blessed to have the amazing friends and neighbors that we do!

side note: notice Dellan's open mouth in most photos

Friday, May 20, 2011

Palm Desert

We went to Tony's parents' house in Palm Desert this weekend to chase the good weather. The boys golfed all weekend while Elyse and I had fun playing in the baby pool with the kids. Laney would instantly get in the pool and she would sit there as long as we would let her. She loves water, and even more loves to figure things out. She would pour the water from container to container (or try) and fill up cups of water and pour them out on the grass. Dellan was not such a fan of being in the pool as sitting outside it splashing in the water. Isaac splashed him in one photo and his face is hilarious. I got Laney throwing water out of the pool mid-throw in the last shot... such a cool water photo. Laney did this with the water for hours. I think she emptied half the pool!