Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Around the house

Some random pictures from this morning. As you can see the open mouth was in full force!

Summer in January!

We took advantage of our gorgeous weather and met some friends at the park today. The kids are loving being outside! I do not look forward to the return of real winter weather. We visited the ducks and had fun playing on the blanket with friends!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The kids ate what we ate for dinner for the first time tonight and they LOVED it! We had spaghetti with breaded chicken and bread. I cut the spaghetti up really small and got them suction cup bowls to put it in. The kids looked at it for a second, looked at me, and dove in! They ate two helpings and still wanted more. I was worried they would choke or gag, but they never slowed down at all!


Pretty stinkin' cute if I do say so myself

The Open Mouth Face

Laney has made this open mouth (kind of an oval) since she was only a few months old. It is my all time favorite face, so I do it all the time, which makes her mimic me. She also gets the hands going and breathes in and out like crazy. Since I have been doing it, Dellan all of a sudden picked up on it and now has his own version:

Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 Year in Review

My sister has done a Year in Review on her blog since her babies were born with one picture of the kids together from each month. I love looking at hers every year so thought it would be fun to start the tradition as well! It was so hard to choose just one picture from each month, but here they are! It is incredible how they have changed (and how big I was!).













New Toys

We are having so much fun playing with new toys this month!

Grandpa and Nana got us this fun ball popper. The kids taught themselves how to push the button to start it within a day. They just stare in awe when the balls start popping. D has fun trying to block them from popping up.

Tony and I got the kids a little playhouse tent. Dellan loves to crawl in and out of it over and over again, as well as peek at you through the holes in the top. Laney will also sit happily and play inside with all the fun ball roller coasters and holes.

Dellan continues to drive Laney crazy. He is constantly crawling over her, taking her toys and binkies, and sitting on her. He tried to take her beads tonight and she has hooked them on her leg! Smart girl! But he is so stinkin cute!

Laney with mini pigtails!