Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Great Grandparents

I am lucky enough to still have 3 of my 4 grandparents and was thrilled they got the opportunity to meet Dellan and Laney. We took the kids up the hill to Sonora to visit my Papa and my little Grandma Judy in their homes. My papa was so excited the second he saw the stroller he ripped his oxygen hose off, pushed me out of the way, and took the stroller into the lunch hall and yelled, "Look what I got!" He then walked to every table to show off his great grandbabies. It was priceless.

Later in the week my Grandma Mary came over for dinner and met the kids.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


The cousins have met! Tony and I traveled up north for a wedding this weekend and left Grammie with the kids to babysit. Tony had to travel for work the following week, so I got to spend the week with my family. It was so fun to see the cousins together! It really hits you how truly unique it is that the 4 grandchildren in our family are boy/girl multiples when you see them together. Paige and Levi loved their new cousins and wanted to help feeding and holding them. Levi gave Dellan the name "momo" and it was adorable to hear them call him this all weekend.

Monday, May 10, 2010

8 Weeks!

The babies are 8 weeks and growing so fast! They look bigger everyday. I especially see how much they've grown when I look at them in their different seats, etc. I used to hate to put them in their car seats because they were so small the buckle was in their face. Now they don't mind them at all!

Happy Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was wonderful. There is nothing better than being a mom , and I just wanted to hang out with my kiddos all day, so Tony, the kids, and I met our old neighbors for brunch at the Hyatt in Westlake where we laughed and talked outside for hours. We even had lovely balloon hats made to wear for the day! The kids were dressed in black and white and so cute. Miss Laney would not cooperate for a picture, but I had to post something... she is wearing her cow printed leg warmers from who else... Thanks Grammie. They were a hit!

After brunch we headed to Malibu Wines to picnic and sip wine on the grounds with his parents. It is one of Tony and my favorite spots to relax, but it was packed! We still had a nice time with his parents, but it was a little chilly!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Laney has been feeling better now that she is back on our old formula and has a fun new development to go along with it... smiles! She smiles in response to things she likes now! So far it is usually my voice accompanied by over exaggerated smiles or the silly white bear mobile that came with the pack n play. Yesterday was the first time she really started this and I love it! Last night when I put her back to bed after the 3am feeding I looked over (about 5 minutes later) and she was just smiling huge staring at the bears above her head. Same thing happened after 6am feeding. It was the cutest thing ever :0) Here are some ok pics trying to capture her sweet smile. Unfortunately every time I get the camera ready she stares at it and stops smiling.

2 months

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


People can still surprise you... in a good way! I was pleasantly surprised when running errands at Target and Home Depot this week. The babies and I visited Daddy at his office for lunch before running to Target to pick up a steam cleaner. We love that he works so close to home now!

I have been wanting the little green steam cleaner from Bissell, so after Tony stepped in doggie doo and unknowingly trekked it all over the house (thank you neighbors who didn't pick up after your dog in our front yard!) and Hula knocking over a full glass of red wine, we decided it would be a good purchase. Target didn't have the one I was after, but did have a Bissell steam cleaner. Just as I found what I needed a young girl who worked there walked by. I asked her if she could carry the box to the front of the store as I had the double decker stroller. She was extremely sweet and walked with me to the front of the store. The lines were crazy! I picked a line and told her she could just set it at the register. She responded with, "Well, won't you need someone to carry it out to your car?" She waited in line with me and carried it to my car! Thank you Target girl. So sweet.

Our next stop was Home Depot after a watering hose. I figured it was also worth looking for the carpet cleaner I originally wanted. I walked around the store for awhile before realizing I had no clue where I was going, so I stopped a worker and asked him for help. He found me the carpet cleaner, opened it to make sure it had cleaner fluid inside, walked it out to the garden center, found my hose, waited in line, and loaded my car. Thank you Home Depot Man.

Of course, I now had to return Target cleaner. So today the babies and I headed back to Target. My sister has mentioned the "pull a cart, push a stroller" method many times, but I have been too afraid to try. I didn't have much of a choice as there were no employees in the parking lot to help me get the box inside. I parked next to the cart collector (another sister tip) and loaded everyone and everything up and pushed and pulled through the parking lot. It was easier than expected! But I guess I looked like I had my hands full because 2 girls about my age with a 3 year old spotted me from across the parking lot and ran over to help. They demanded I let them take my cart and walked it up to the counter for me.

It is amazing how many people offer to help or have nice things to say when we are out in public. I have no doubt there is a negative for every positive comment, but for now we will appreciate the positive!

Here we are having lunch at Daddy's work:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Formal Wear

Aunt Shannon bought us some formal wear. Don't we clean-up nicely?!?!


It was a fantastic Sunday! Some of our favorite people stopped by to hang out! Diane and Ryan came by to meet us all the way from Irvine, Aunt Shannon drove up from Manhattan Beach, and Uncle Matt and Auntie Elyse hung out all day. I was thankful for the extra set of hands!

My Little Tough Guy

The Two Week Storm


That's about the only sound heard around my house these days. Tony and I decided to try the Costco/Kirkland brand formula last week to save money (it's almost half the cost). We knew there would be a slight adjustment period, but were not prepared for the disaster we witnessed. The kids instantly were cranky, gassy, and constipated. We decided to give it a week to see if they would adjust. Luckily my mom came into town a couple days after we switched. She was excited to see and play with the kids, but unfortunately was greeted with cranky kiddos. I don't know what I would have done without her! We each had a baby in our arms the entire time! We tried to go to the mall and run errands (which I usually do on my own with no problems), but the kids had their own agenda. We did spend one afternoon at the mall, but thank goodness Grammie was there as one kiddo always seemed to need to be held! I would have been humiliated by myself. I have taken them out a lot but have been so fortunate that they have not really cried in public yet... well until now.

By Friday it had been 6 days since switching formula and they seemed to be getting worse, so I decided to call the doctor before the weekend came. Laney had not pooped in over 3 days, so the doctor has us give her a suppository, which still hadn't done anything two hours later! So we headed to the doctor Friday early evening and guess who did her thing in the waiting room? Yep! Apparently all we needed was to be in the building with the doctor for her to go. The doctor decided to see us anyway since we were there and agreed that the "experiment" with formula should come to an end. Daddy ran back to Costco the next morning and exchanged the generic stuff for Enfamil cans. They have their mommy's expensive taste!

The new (well old actually) formula instantly took care of their constipation and the new crazy gassiness, however Laney continues to be a total mess. If she is awake she is screaming. Luckily she is sleeping about half of every 3 hour stretch in the day and most of the night. I bought a new book and laughed when I read the title of the second chapter "The Two Week Storm." It stated that all babies, no matter now perfect before, have some cholic and fussiness from weeks 6-8. So apparently this is mommy hell week(s). D-mo is back to his sweet self. I felt so bad he was just sitting and playing nicely by himself this morning while I had to hold and try to stop his screaming sister. I am hoping she goes back to her old self Wednesday when we hit 8 weeks and that this is not the beginning of cholic which can start about now. At least our nighttime sleep routine has not been interrupted. Poor Grammie took them one night while she was here and they never slept for more than 20 minutes at a time.

2 more days left in the "2 Week Storm".... keeping my fingers crossed!