Monday, August 30, 2010

Ceiling Fan Scare!

My generous parents offered to install ceiling fans in our house as an early birthday/anniversary/Christmas gift because our house gets so hot! It is a two story house with no overhead lights in any of the rooms, and the bedrooms are always a million degrees! My mom and I picked out fans and had them installed by a well-known local electrician who has done a lot of other work for us as well. It took him two full days to install the 5 fans. What a difference it makes! I think the babies were enjoying their nursery breeze almost as much as I did in my bedroom (poor Tony now has to sleep in an arctic... I like it cold when I sleep!) Two nights into enjoying our new, colder house Tony and I were woken up at 1130pm by a loud crash and thump. It sounded like someone broke in through a window or something. Once we were sure it was safe to go downstairs we walked downstairs to see this! Thank goodness and praise God this was not 3 hours earlier when the babies were in their excersaucers. I cannot let myself think what could have happened. It actually landed first right on their excersaucer and broke off toys. The electrician was shocked and very apologetic and came out immediately. He ordered a new fan and will install when it arrives. I'm just a little apprehensive to have the babies directly under the fans now!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Dellan has been "teething" for months now. He starting chewing and drooling on everything in sight a couple months ago, but the doctor said some babies will do that for up to 4 months before they actually get teeth. I had heard all the nightmare stories of what to expect when the babies actually started teething. I was ready for sleepless nights, fussy babies, and fevers. Boy was I surprised when Dellan was sucking on my knuckle 2 days ago to feel something sharp. Sure enough.... the entire top of a tooth was through on his bottom right. He realy hadn't been acting any different than before. I have been checking and feeling his tooth like crazy to watch it's progress. I checked it yesterday at lunch. When he woke up from his afternoon nap at 3:00 I was shocked to feel tooth number two! The second bottom tooth is all the way through too! He is one happy little man still with no signs of discomfort. Why do I have a feeling this will be a different experience with the Laneybug?!?!?

This is what Deemie looks like these days... always has something in his mouth!

Family Fun

We made a trip up to Oakdale in July to visit with our cousins Paige and Levi, and Colton and Trevor, as well as our bestest bud Aunt Tamara and our Great Grandma Mary. We loved all the attention!

Our friend, Kari, met us with her 1 year old twins for a big playdate. We had 0, 1, and 2 year old boy/girl multiples all in the same room. It was pretty funny, but a little crazy! My sister passed a lot of outgrown baby "stuff" down to Kari, who then passed it on to me. Evan is testing out his old bouncy in the group pic. I wonder if they remember...

This week our Aunt Stephanie, Uncle Travis, and Cousin Owen came out to visit from Michigan. We had so much fun playing together. We get to watch our cousin on videos on the computer all the time. It was fun to see him in person. He is about 4 months older and can crawl and move all over the place!


It turns out I am not as on top of this blog thing as I thought I would be. Since I update Facebook regularly I didn't think anyone checked it, but I have had a few people mention they miss it. I hope there are people following! I promise to do better at keeping it up to date. Here are a few pictures from the last month to catch you up: