Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Baaa-aaack

Dellan's open mouth is back in full force! I have been doing it like crazy trying to try to get him to do it again. All of a sudden it came back! He does it ALL THE TIME! It ever few minutes, or whenever he gets excited about something. Here are just a few from yesterday and today:

Sock Obsession

Laney's sock obsession is getting out of control. She LOVES socks! She instantly pulls them off her feet and puts them in her mouth. If it's a single sock, she puts the end in her mouth and pulls the other end down over her chin. If they are doubled she stuffs them in her mouth and goes on her way! She finds them in the laundry, hidden under furniture, on her brother's foot, you name it.

Impossible Photos

The kids had on their cute coordinating outfits so I tried to get a picture of them together. The result is below. And no, those are not just the "outtakes." That's all I got.

Cozy Coupes


The kids have loved playing together lately. Dellan runs circles around the house all day long, going from toy to toy pretty much entertaining himself. Laney is always a step behind, but loves the company (as long as he doesn't take her toys out of her hands... then the whole world will know how she feels about him!). They play peak-a-boo, crawl through the tunnel (right over each other... notice Laney on her back), and go through book after book.

Taking a Rest

Laney has started laying down on the hard floor midcrawl. She just randomly stops and lays her head down for a minute. Here's my silly girl:


The sun finally came out enough to enjoy a walk this afternoon. We had so much fun in our new wagon! Thank you to Aunt Shannon for the amazing birthday present!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Laney spent nearly an hour with this pair of socks in her mouth. She pulled them out of the laundry and crawled all around the house with them in her mouth. If they fell out, she would instantly stop and replace them. Dellan went through this phase where he would put everything in his mouth and crawl around too. But her attachment to this pair of socks was amusing.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Funny Girl

I thought Laney looked rather cute this morning, so I took several pictures of her. Apparently she was in no mood to have her photo takes as these are what I got. There was not a good one in the bunch.

On a side note, my computer started having issues right after their birthday party, so all the photos of the birthday weekend will be coming soon when it is fixed.