Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Twinkies Give Us a Scare

I received a text from Tony the other day where he referred to the babies as the twinkies and I thought it was so cute! They are continuing to grow well as I have officially gained my first pound (or two!). My monthly check up with Dr. De La Pena was Monday and everything and everyone looked healthy and perfect! Unfortunately Tuesday was not quite so perfect...

As I am writing this I have officially been laying or reclining for over 24 hours. Ugh! Yesterday morning I woke up to some very light spotting. We called the doctor and he told me to come right home from work and put my feet up, but not too worry. He assumed it was from lifting (probably playing with my adorable niece and nephew this weekend), was normal, and would go away. I followed the doctor's orders, but woke up this morning with much more severe bleeding. Luckily it is a workday, so we could meet the doctor right away this morning. He assured us that the babies are fine and healthy, as are the placentas and everything near the babies. He is concerned about my cervix and having me stay in bed for a few days (no work until Monday) to make sure the bleeding and irritation stops. We are praying this is not a sign of a non-cooperative cervix in the future! As for now, this is either due to activity (which is now limited to walking and 10 pounds of lifting for the duration of the pregnancy) or an infection from bacteria. He started me on antibiotics today just to be safe. I am hoping the next 4 days in bed just make this problem disappear! And of course Mom is on her way down to stay with me for the weekend while Tony flies North for a wedding. At least Hula will have her best pal Abby to keep her company since I can't play with her or take her on walks.

Monday, September 14, 2009

No More Secrets

I decided it was time to announce the babies to my staff and students today. I had a feeling I would start getting questions soon, but didn't really think that many people were suspicious. Boy was I wrong! I was blown away by how many people told me they suspected I was pregnant before I said anything. I hope I'm not looking too big yet!

To tell the staff I found a cute poem about twins online and bought bagels with "pink" and "blue" cream cheese to set out in the teacher's lounge:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Healthy Babies!

Today was my first visit with the Perinatologist, Dr. Bradley. I loved her! They did all the genetic testing for Down Syndrome and Trisomy.... everything looked great! It was so much different than the ultrasounds with my regular OB. The bed you lay on is facing away from the ultrasound machine, which scared me that I would not get to see my little ones. I was wrong! She handed me a pair of high tech looking glasses to wear that had the image of the screen inside them... very cool! Both babies were moving and wiggling like crazy today which made me feel so much better since baby B was so still last week. It was my first external ultrasound and we could see the babies so much better! Today was the first day we could get really clear images of baby b and them together. The doctor did doppler to watch/listen to the bloodflow in me and the babies. The screen turned red and blue around their tummies where the cord is connected! I didn't think the appointment could get any better, but the doctor got this picture of the twins and turned it into 3d 4d! They looked exactly like little gummie bears. The pictures definitely lost some detail in the scanner, but you can still see both gummybear babies.

Baby A (I love the little hand!)

Baby b close up