Monday, November 9, 2009

Cupcake Party!

We met a group of friends in Manhattan Beach this weekend for "Uncle Matt's" birthday. It was definitely a sign of where we are all in life... half of the couples were pregnant or with a baby in tow. So much fun!

One of Tony's friend's wives was opening a cupcake shop the same night, so we stopped there first for the open house. It is the cutest little shop in Manhattan called Cupcake Couture. They had miniature "couture" cupcakes in all flavors, fresh flavored strawberry and chocolate milk, and trays of fresh berries. Could it get any better? We stopped by at about 7 and I hadn't eaten since lunch... needless to say the babies were hungry. So we solved our problem with every flavor of cupcake offered, milk, and berries! Delicious! About an hour later while sitting at the dinner table I started to feel some little kicks and rolls going on inside. I had felt maybe one little kick here and there for the last 3 days, but nothing I was sure about. There was no question! There was a cupcake party going on in there for about 15 minutes. It was so fun to feel them move, and even funnier knowing it was because they were loaded up with sugar. Oh well, we know they're "Hensleys" and like their sweets :0)


Amanda said...

You look GREAT! :) Come home soon so we can see you!!!

Di and Ry said...

Laura, you look PRECIOUS!!! Cutest pregnant girl ever!!! Call me!