Friday, December 4, 2009

24 Week Evaluation

We had our 24 week cardiac evaluations with Dr. Bradley, our perinatologist and everything is perfect! It was crazy to see close up pictures of the chamers or their hearts and actually see the blood flow. Both babies seem strong!

They are both one pound 7 ounces according to her measurements. It is sgreat they are the same size. She said that everything is fully formed their only job now is just to mature and grow, so I should expect to grow twice as fast! I can't say I am looking forward to getting humongous, but am still comfortable at this stage.

The babies continue to stick to their personalities... she would not let us get a look at her at all, and he looked right at the camera. Even the doctor couldn't help but laugh when the 3D image of him came up with his hands on his head. She said, "His sister is driving him nuts in there already." From what we can see everyone thinks he looks like Tony with my nose.... we'll have to wait and see!

She is currently head down and facing backwards, and he is head down facing up. His head is oretty close to on top of hers, although the doctor said they will still move around and flip as they are small enough. They should pick a basic direction in the next couple weeks. If they are both head down we have to decide if we would prefer a C-section or try to deliver them. The doctors seem to think delivery is the way to at least try if they stay head down, but I am not so sure I agree yet. I hate that the decision mine to make. It is so much easier when the doctors just tell you what to do!

Here's our little guy in 3 and 2D

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