Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have my very own Maggie Simpson. Laney is seriously obsessed with binkies these days. She often falls asleep with a binkie in her mouth and several others cuddled up around her face. When Tony got her out of bed in the morning, she smiled and squeeled her "happy to see you" and then quickly grabbed her binkie out of her bed and popped it in her mouth (mid air) as Tony was lifting her out of her crib... just in case there wouldn't be one downstairs! (We have what seems like hundreds of binkies in this house, and the car, and the stroller, and the beds, and the carseats). She has even taken her love for binkies to a higher level than a love for food. When offering her a Puff (she had a binkie in her other hand, she grabbed the puff, stared at the bink, stared at the Puff, the bink, the puff... paused... and decided on the bink. So funny. She will hold puffs forever but not spit the binkie out to actually eat them. Tonight I looked over while we were all playing to see her above. Yes, 3 binkies instead of all the other fun toys we have to play with.

Can you see the resemblence? Hair that sticks straight up, binkie in mouth, fat rolls through clothes, bow in hair. She should have been named Maggie.

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Grammie said...

so funny! What a love