Wednesday, February 9, 2011


3 days shy of 11 months Laney finally decided to crawl! I could not be happy and feel such relief. So many people told me, "she may just skip crawling," and although I know she probably would have been fine, I did not want her to skip this important milestone. My friend's son crawled at 7 months and her daughter at 11, so I kept holding out hope it would happen before her birthday. If I were to place her in crawling position she would throw a fit instantly. This has been the case since 7 months. But this didn't stop us from trying and I did crawling excersizes with her daily. She showed no interest. Monday Tony took Laney outside in the morning and told her she was going to crawl with Mom today. At 10am at Kindermusik Ms. Rachel asked if she was crawling yet and I said no. Dellan just then crawled out the door into the flowers so Tony chased him while I stayed in on the mat with Laney and Ms. Rachel. Laney got on all 4s and just took a crawl.... just 1 crawl, but her arm and her leg moved which had never happened before! She did not want to participate or be carried in Kindermusik like she usually does, she just wanted down on the mat. She took one crawl several times. She was interested, but only in doing it herself. If I tried to help she would cry. So when we got home I put the remote a few feet away from her over and over and sure enough she would take about 3 cralws to go get it. Yesterday, Tuesday, she did not do much more. And today she is doing great! She has crawled from one side of my bedroom to the other, and across thunderdome! She has crawled to the esxersaucer, the table, and the play gym and climbed up on all of them! I am so happy for my little buggy... but will this take away those thighs and cheeks!?!?!

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Nichole said...

How fun! Now they will be going in two different directions! LOL Best wishes!