Friday, April 22, 2011

Beach Day!

This past weekend was gorgeous, so we took the kids to to the beach for the first time since Maui. They did so much better! They neither one monded the sand too much. Dellan (the destroyer) took to picking up and throwing sand right away. He loved to destroy sand castles and would grab a handful of sand and scream and throw it. I have no idea where he picked this up, but he had us laughing! That guy cracks me up. Laney was content to just sit in one spot the whole hour+. She would study the sand and slowly play with it. She even took to picking it up and putting it in the pail... she is our smart little girl! She even let Daddy cover her in sand. But her favorite thing (and not so smart) was to eat the sand. We were never more than an arm's reach away, but she managaed to get several handfuls in her mouth. SHe is going in for a mouthful while burried in one of the photos. EVen though we cleaned it all out she ate enough to make her poop all sandy the next morning! So gross, and hard to wipe off! Looking forward to such a fun summer with our beach bums!

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Nichole said...

What cuties you have! :o) Ewww, gross poop!