Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The return of summer and our blog!

I took several months off from the blog using Facebook as my way of sharing photos with friends and family, but after taking some time to look back through old posts I realized I really appreciate having the blog to look back on. So I am going to attempt to return to blogging about the kids adventures and milestones and we'll see how it goes. Many of our friends are on to baby #2 and it is amazing how much I have forgotten. I honestly did know remember ages and sleep schedules, etc. Maybe this will come in handy one day when we have #3! It was a very warm winter, but spring was pretty crummy around here, so the kids have just recenly gotten to experience the outdoors and water fun. We have been having a blast just playing at the house with new found freedom outside! This year the kids are old enough to go out back by themselves without me watching their every move. It is so nice to be able to sit down in a chair and watch them play rather than panic they wouldn't make the step into the baby pool. We have 2 water tables up, a playhouse (their 2nd birthday present from Tony and I), multiple means of transportation (Y bikes, Cozy Coups, Trikes), a slide, and their own little chairs. Dellan recently saw a little boy at the beach with jumb play dinosaurs and had to have them, so these are his newest toys. He loves to play with them in the water as well as take them to the beach and swimming in the pool. No pool was needed today as Dellan decided dumping cups of water on his head was a really fun game! His facial expressions and screaches and yells that followed were adorable! Here are the two cuties today (2 different outfits as each one was soaked after a few minutes outside.) They were looking at the pictures of themselves together on my phone. Cute picture though, Dellan's boogie and all!
Miss Laney and her messy ponytail after naptime. She is VERY into bubbles right now a
Dellan and his Dino's this morning:
And Dellan having SO MUCH FUN in the water this afternoon!

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