Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Breech Baby

We have officially entered the safety zone with the twins! We hit 34 weeks on Monday! The doctor told us they would not do anything to stop labor from this point on. Although we are hoping to get to 36 weeks for their lungs, the babies should be healthy even if they decide to come today :0)

The Doctor did an ultrasound and guessed Laney to be 5lb 8oz and Dellan 5lb 7oz. His words exactly where it will be a "peeing contest" to determine who weighs more when they are born. I would love them to get one more pound on them, but cannot say I am looking forward to carrying anymore than 14 pounds of baby! They have been within an ounce of each other since the very beginning.

The babies have also both been head down since the very beginning, which was making me nervous about the delivery choice. I had decided to go ahead and try to deliver as long as things progressed in a timely fashion (I made sure I had the right to call it quits after 6 hours or so if things were not progressing quickly). Well, the babies had a plan of their own. Dellan must have decided he needed more room because he was completely breech at the ultrasound this morning! His head is straight up in the middle of my ribs and his butt is straight down. Although I know a naturally delivery is usually preferred, I have to admit I am a little relieved to know how these two will enter the world. Delivering twins is such a gamble, that I am calm knowing they will be C-section babies (and have round heads because of it!).

The hospital does not schedule C sections before 39 weeks, which I was not thrilled about as my children are following in their large fathers footsteps already, so we scheduled the delivery for 3-10-10 which is 38 weeks 2 days. I am not counting (or hoping) to get to this date, but they seem pretty comfortable in there so far! We were instructed to have our bags packed and head to the hospital as soon as any painful contractions or leaking water appear. I am getting anxious to meet these two little ones!

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