Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Big Day!

We decided to try out a local Malibu winery this weekend. Tony has been mentioning it forever, and I kept blowing it off, thinking it would be no fun. I was so wrong! Just a few miles from our house was a beautiful winery with gorgeous tables and decorations outside. We took the babies and enjoyed cheese and crackers and wine tasting outside in the canyon. We didn't end up leaving until 6 when they closed, but we had to feed the babies. We were parked in the small outside lot with a wooden fence which didn't look like it closed. Tony and I each took a baby and fed them in the front seat of the car. Just as I was about to change Laney in the back of the car a young girl who worked there came out and asked us if we could move our car to the street so they could close the lot. I apologized as I didn't think the lot had a gate and said it would be just a second as I had to put them in car seats. Her response was amazing..."Can't he just hold her while you drive?" Um, no! I responded nicely that there were to babies and that they had to be in car seats to drive even a short way. It ended up being good timing as they had already finished eating and we just changed them when we went to dinner. Funny what people don't know. We went to a new brewery that just opened for dinner (and Tony had the sampler of course!) It was a great way to spend a Saturday!

Laney's faces crack me up!

Home after a Long Day

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