Saturday, October 9, 2010


roll, scoot, push, twist, You name it, Dellan does it (minus actually crawling and walking that is). He is a maniac on the floor or in his crib these days. The idea that he can actually move to get something out of reach just hit him a couple days ago and he is a boy on the move! He gets himself all tangled in the playmats now, so I usually just put him on the floor and let him go. He still cannot pull himself up, so I haven't lowered his crib yet (trying to save my back as long as I can), but he sure does get around that thing. He does a couple laps every night before he finds the perfect spot to fall asleep. He uses his feet to turn the soother on, and usually rests them on the top for awhile, he reaches up and tries to get the mobile animals (this never gets old, he tries equally hard every time he gets in his crib), and he pushed the buttons on his mobile now that he can reach. He ends up at the bottom of the crib in the morning a lot, but usually pushes himself all the way to the top so his head is against the top bumper when he first falls asleep. I looked at the monitor to check on them before I went to sleep the other night and all I could see was the edge of a bumper. I was so confused because the monitors are taped down. When I went in the nursery this is what I found. Dellan had untied and pulled down the bumper and fallen asleep holding it in his hand. Now that he discovered how to do this I have found him like this almost daily!

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