Monday, October 5, 2009


Today's weekly email informed me that the kiddos are now each the size of an avocado. The updates used to talk about all of the new organs and/or parts they would be growing that week. This week they just talked about growing! Apparently each of them should double in weight and gain 2 inches in length in the next couple weeks... does that mean my stomach doubles too?!?! Yikes! At least I will have a pregnant belly for a bathing suit in Maui in 2 weeks and not just look fat! That is if I get to go to Maui...

So far, so good! I was on bedrest from Wednesday to Saturday and everything cleared up completely by Friday morning. My mom took great care of me (and my house!)while we got to visit and chat. Sunday we had my first "outing" to the nail salon (still a recliner right??) and lunch. Today I went back to work and tried my best to take it easy. So far, everything seems back to normal. The doctor will have more information on what caused the bleeding and if I am allowed to travel at my appointment next week... and hopefully a gender check!

Thank you for all the prayers and support!


Kari said...

Yay! So glad everything is better now! Those babies sure know how to start trouble from an early stage (I had the same issues!). And yes, you will probably "pop" all of a sudden in these next couple of weeks. It seemed like I went from looking bloated and/or looking like I ate WAY too much to looking VERY pregnant overnight. It was so nice to look preggo finally! =)

Have you been able to feel them yet? Some people say that can by this point, but it took me FOREVER to feel them! I was well over 20 weeks before I could feel them. Seriously-- you'd think that with two you could feel them a lot sooner. Hmph.

Take good care of yourself! =)

Steck family said...

Laura, this is such exciting news!! I am so happy for you guys! I hope you get to go to Maui!!!

Margie Padelford said...

Darling Laura, Thank you so much for the Blogg updates. We are praying that those two little "Avocados" continue to grow strong and healthy, and that you continue to get the rest you need.
We are so happy for you both!!! Love you dearly!!! Margie