Sunday, October 25, 2009

Her first designer jeans

Okay, okay, so I know this is completely ridiculous, but I just couldn't help myself. If you know me, you know that I have a little thing (okay a big thing) for designer jeans... actually, just clothes in general, but jeans are near the top of the list for sure.

Starting today I get to leave the house for one 20 minute outing a day as long as I continue to improve. I decided to go to our local baby boutique for my first outing since I had a coupon that expires this week. Thank you Grammie for the coupon... I would not have been able to get these without it. I just couldn't resist this little pair of baby Joe's Jeans. They are the perfect size for her all summer! They even have the little Joe's leather logo on the butt...seriously, could it get any cuter?!?!


Amanda said...

Love them! Paige is jealous.

ErikaSams said...

Oh my gosh Laura. ADORABLE. :)