Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Princess and The Prophecy

It's a GIRL and a BOY!!! Today was our second trimester appointment with the perinatologist. She is amazing and provided answers to everything that has happened so far.

But the most exciting news was finding out the genders. Baby A is our little girl who has always been the more active of the two. She is on my left side down low closest to my cervix... the doctor already called her my "trouble maker" because she could be the cause of the bleeding as well. She was upside down and backwards today, not wanting to show her face. I am so excited to dress her up in ribbons and bows!!!

Baby B is a boy!!! I don't think we could have a happier daddy than Tony. He was not able to be there since he is in Maui, but this is the news he has been waiting weeks for. In fact, we have had the name for a son picked out since our honeymoon in Fiji and Tony started calling him the "Prophecy" because he knew it was fate to have a son. He has been obsessed with the "prophecy" for the past 4 weeks (especially since he got a scare they were both girls at our 14 week appointment). We are both thrilled that we have a healthy son and daughter... we really couldn't ask for more. Baby B is on my right and up a little higher than baby A. He has always been very mellow in ultrasounds and heartbeat checks... it's always his sister kicking and moving like crazy. Now I am just waiting to feel them myself!

I am so happy to know the sexes and that they are healthy and growing well. We are still working on names for her, although I am determined to choose in the next couple weeks so that they are no longer Baby A and B... that sounds so silly now. Although the dvd us clear, we didn't get great 2D pictures today. Here are the babies in 3D at 18 weeks 3 days.

Baby Boy (B)

Baby Girl (A)


ErikaSams said...

YAY!!! That is the best of both worlds - CONGRATULATIONS! :)

Kari said...

That is SO awesome! It's so fun having a boy and a girl! And having baby A be a girl must be the way it's supposed to be-- Ella was baby A and wasn't Paiger? Funny.

Hope you get off of bedrest soon! Fortunately I was only on full bedrest once, but was put on modified for the remainder of the pregnancy, only able to pick things up lighter than 10 lbs, etc. It's definitely worth it though! =)

Oh, and the next time you come up I have a ton of stuff for you (if you were wanting it?)! You can always email me and let me know what you were interested in getting too! =)