Thursday, October 8, 2009

Back in Bed

This week we have a few more answers, but unfortunately the solution is more bed rest for me! After taking 5 days off for bed rest last week I headed back to work on Monday. I was nervous all day that I would start spotting again, but did my best to teach sitting down. By Tuesday after school I was feeling great and really thinking whatever "episode" we had last week was in the past. Unfortunately, Wednesday morning was ready to be a repeat of the Wednesday before. Tony and I headed back to the doctor to see what the story was. The bleeding is still coming from the external cervix... so the babies are fine! The cervix is still swollen and rubbing causing the bleeding any time I walk! The cure for this, of course, is laying down. The good news is that my cervix is long and closed and doesn't seem to be changing. The test results also came back negative from last week, ruling out any infection. More good news! My directions are to be on bed rest for 7 days with no spotting. I was hoping today would count as day 1. I was wrong again! I had to drive to the perinatologist for bloodwork this morning, and that little amount of activity proved to be too much. Maybe tomorrow will be day 1?

In the meantime Hula, my pajamas, my pillow, Tivo, and I are having a party in my bed.

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ErikaSams said...

Oh shoot!! I'm praying for you guys - hopefully one more week of bed rest will do the trick! So sorry about Hawaii :(. In the meantime - get caught up on all the great shows! :)