Sunday, October 18, 2009

Third Time's a Charm?

We repeated what is turning into our weekly emergency visit with our doctor on Friday. Unfortunately the spotting came back Thursday night, so the doc had to check it out and make sure everything was okay. This was actually the most surprising time of all three because I was on day 9 of bed rest which had always worked in the past. Dr. De La Pena does not work on Fridays, but he wanted to see me so he had me meet him in Labor and Delivery for an exam since he had a C-section to perform that morning. In Tony's words it was all "too real." He asked if we would see any babies and I assured him we most likely would not. Haha. Little did I know the first thing you walk by before the L & D nurses station is the nursery... sure enough there were two adorable babies in there... girls all wrapped in pink :0) I did have to agree that it was a little odd to be in a room in the bed I would be delivering the babies in. I was thankful so Dr. De la Pena made time to do an exam and take time to discuss what was going on with me. It is the same situation as has been the last 3 weeks. My cervix has healed a lot and looked closed and long which is great! The doc was sure this was not related to an incompetent cervix at least at this time. He cauterized the spots that seem to be bleeding, so we will wait and see if the third time around is any different. The doctor was definitely not in a hurry to get me moving. He didn't give me any idea when I would be off modified bed rest (I can move from bed to couch to chair to bathroom), but said he would see me every 1-2 weeks and tell me if he thought I was ready for more privileges. I could be back up next week or at 35 weeks. Only a difference of 17 weeks!

The babies are doing great (and growing!). We didn't have an ultrasound machine in the hospital room, but heart beats were 161 (baby A) and 153 (baby b). The guessing game of heartbeats and gender is driving us (especially Tony) crazy. We know it is a total myth, but still a fun way to guess. The myth is that heart rates above 150 are girls :0) Less than a week until we know for sure! Tony was sent down to admitting and missed the entire hour long exam... poor guy has not been handed the fun jobs lately. Although, he is in Maui as I write, so I don't feel too bad!

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