Saturday, January 30, 2010

Goodbye Work!

This was our 32nd week of pregnancy and the doctor, the babies, and myself decided we were ready to be done with work for awhile. I was blessed to have a job where I could sit for much of the day (my students were incredibly helpful... it's amazing how much third graders can do to help out!). I would not have been able to work for so long had I had a different job or younger kiddos. Although I am looking forward to a few weeks (hopefully) of free time to get the house and the nursery together, it is always sad to say goodbye to students. I had 5 of my students in class last year as second graders as well and have grown close to many of the families I am used to seeing everyday.

My room parents (thank you Melanie!) were kind enough to throw a class baby shower before I left. The kids got to smell and guess flavors of baby food including turkey, chicken, and beef (nasty!... thank you Melanie) and eat pink and blue cookies. The students had heard about my shower up north a couple weeks ago, so it was fun for them to have their own. I guess I had mentioned that showers are usually for girls when I was leaving for my Oakdale shower, so one of my boy students asked if the boys could go fishing during our class shower! So funny. I have no clue where fishing came from!

The class got together and purchased one of my single strollers. There was a huge stroller recall just 3 days before the shower, but so far I think the lite rider models are okay. Thank you to all my students and parents for your generosity and warm wishes!

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