Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oakdale Baby Shower

My mom and my sister threw the most amazing baby shower for me this weekend. It was perfectly me to say the least. I have a thing for cute little stick figure people (hence my wedding invitations as well), so they continued the theme and had invitations and a cake with stick figure babies! You can tell instantly from looking at the pictures that it doesn't look like a traditional baby shower. The babies' nursery is going to be red and white (also my favirte color), so the shower was also red! They had red and white M&M's, polka dot napkins, placemats, and diaper cakes to match! Our friend Kari even made adorable pinwheel centerpieces. Thank you! The favors were twinkies with custom labels... needless to say Tony loved this part.

It was wonderful to see so many long-time friends. Thank you to everyone that made it out! I appreciate and love each and every one of you. I had a fabulous day and I received many generous and adorable gifts as well. The babies got their double stroller, dresser, changing table, bouncy seat, baby bjorn, toy chest, bath goodies, pacifiers, toys, and so much more! I am so blessed to still have my grandparents, and my Grandma Mary made a quilt for each baby. My sister designed and ordered My Blankee blankets in black and white polka dot and dalmation with matching pacifier clips embroidered with their initials. They will be the cutest carseat babies in all black and white! My sister's friend, Kari, who also has boy girl twins got Delaney the cutest custom onesie I have ever seen! My long-time friend Megan also added to Laney's cuteness collection by bringing several hand-made headband bows. She and a friend make the most amazing baby bows. It might be a good thing I don't live in Oakdale, or I would have a bow made to match every outfit! Dellan and Laney also got their coming home outfits from Grammie. Hopefully in about a month I will post photos of the babies in their outfits!

Thank you Mom and Amanda for a perfect day!

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