Sunday, January 17, 2010


I am finally starting to get our house unpacked. Although we've lived here a little over 2 weeks, I have yet to be here for a weekend, so I haven't had much time to get everything done. I've been doing a little each day after work, but I woke up this morning ready to unpack and get this house looking like a home! Unfortunately I don't think my body will let me do everything my mind would like to, but at least I have 3 days this weekend. I am doing as much as I can sitting down and am making sure I am not breaking any doctor's orders... no worries.

My mom is amazing and is coming to the rescue tomorrow. She knows I need the house unpacked and am on a bit of a time schedule so she is driving all the way down just to help for two days. I couldn't be more thankful! The truth is I actually trust my mom to unpack and put things where they belong even more than myself... moms always seem to know where things should go! I have, however, managed to get the kitchen, master bedroom/bathroom, and closet done on my own (and if you know me, the closet was a major project!). I will post more house pictures soon after Mom comes in and works her magic.

Here are a few pics of the newly painted nursery and the humongous closet. This is the first time I have ever been able to hang summer and winter clothes at the same time! Tony is also now included in the master closet and no longer has to travel to the guest room to get dressed! I love this house, but the closet/bathroom sealed the deal!

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