Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We love our new toys! The babies are holding their heads up really well these days so we tried out Bumbo seats and they worked great! The kids, especially Laney, really like being able to sit up instead of always laying around. They can reach their toys if we put them on the tray and play independently for 10 minutes or so. I am hoping the excersaucers and Bumbo seats will help round out their heads. The babies love looking at new toys, but are wanting to get them and/or put them in their mouth. The only problem is they aren't quite coordinated enough to get a toy in their hand and to their mouth... except for the Oball! They are our favorite toy around here! The babies can easily grab them with one or both hands and get them to their mouth. They try to suck on them and stick their tongue in the holes. We also have an Oball with rattles and a loopy toy version that they can hold onto well.

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