Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy first Father's Day Daddy! We spent the day at Daddy's favorite place... the beach! The babies enjoyed a few hours in t he fresh air, until it got too windy in the late afternoon. Thanks to Grandma and Auntie Shannon they even took good naps. We came home for a few hours and then went to Vivoli for dinner. This is the tiny Italian place the babies had their meltdown at last month. They redeemed themselves and slept through the whole meal and woke up happy at the end. The waitress and owner knwo us when we walk in now and were happy we didn't stay away because of last time... or so they said! We had a great dinner as our little family of 4! The accordion player came over and played for the kids for 15 minutes.... including somewhere over the rainbow (our wedding song) and Happy Birthday (mine was Wednesday) for us. The babies were happy to sing and dance along.


Jen said...

Very sweet family pictures!!

Amanda said...

LOVE the picture with the accordion guy!