Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We have had so much success with nap and nighttime sleep lately! The babies automatically moved their middle of the night feed to 4-5am last week. Dellan woke up at 445 one night so I decided to go ahead and feed him and see how long Laney would sleep. She didn't wake up until 7am! After this I knew that they could make it through the night without eating, so I decided to eliminate the mid-night feeding all together. I just knew I was asking for a week full of crying and little sleep, but so far the babies have exceeded my expectations. The first night Laney slept right through and Dmo had a rough hour, but he slept through the next two nights while Laney screamed for an hour. I have gotten Laney to stop crying the last two nights by giving her some water. I am hoping we won't need to do this long! The babies wake up between 6-7am. By next week I should be sleeping from 1030-630. That is so exciting! Thank you Babywise. Here are the munchkins asleep in their cribs.

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