Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The babies have been happiest lately when they are sitting up. I use our bouncy chairs like I used to our newborn loungers. The babies will sit in their bouncy seats and watch Baby Einstein (or any TV these days), play with you, talk to you, kick their feet, and generally be as happy as can be. They don't need the vibrations anymore (yay!) as I stopped when I started sleep training. I figured they would probably like new places to sit up and got out their highchairs for the first time today. The babies seemed to really like them. They tilt back so they can sit comfortably in them while they are still small. They are not quite coordinated enough to get toys into their mouths yet, but are so close. They are beginning to grab things and they can suck on their hands. Sometimes I will catch them sucking on their hand with a toy in it! I put some toys on the trays and the babies loved it! They stared at them and even grabbed them a few times. We even had our dinner bottles in our new chairs!

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Grammie said...

laney looks like she is still losing her hair! It is so thin! But they look so BIG in their chairs!!