Wednesday, March 17, 2010

1 Week Old

The babies are one week old today! It is hard to believe I have been a mommy for a week already. My precious little loves have been amazing! I feel so blessed just to have two healthy children, but they have really been as close to perfect as any mommy could ask for. They are on a 4 hour schedule eating at 2, 6, and 10. During the day they have "awake" times, but they have been making it almost the entire 4 hour spans at night sound asleep. Mommy is most thankful for this! Grammie is still here, so she helps feed a baby at 2am every morning so daddy can sleep. We have no idea what we are going to do when she leaves! Auntie Amanda is coming Friday and we couldn't be happier! She has been through this all before, so we are hoping she can give us some pointers on how to make the middle of the night efficient.

Here are some pictures of all the fun we have had our first week home. Grammie bought Nap Nannies (the back and red dot loungers) that the babies love to take naps in. As you can see, Laney got all too comfy in hers the other day. She was under a blanket and when i lifted the blanket up this was her position. So funny!

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Amanda said...

Oh my gosh they are so cute! You can't believe how much I'm dying to get there! I can't wait!!!