Monday, March 8, 2010

38 weeks is not my friend

This morning we hit 38 weeks. Most people would be excited to be full term and just now thinking of delivery, but I feel like I have been waiting for these two to make an appearance for weeks. Overall, I had a relatively easy pregnancy with no complaints, but I think your body can only handle so much baby! Last week I started to get a little uncomfortable, but this week is getting ridiculous. My mom has been here for a few weeks and we are staying active and busy. We walk 2-3 miles a day to stay in some type of shape, and have gotten the house pretty much clean and decorated (pictures to come).

My stomach is not so pretty these days, so no picture there, but here is a not so pretty picture of what it looks like when I take my socks off. The indent is amazing and stays for a long time. I didn't get the swelling and water retention until the last two weeks, so I can't complain, but it looks so funny:

By far the worst symptom so far has been the stretching of my skin over the past 4 days. My stomach started hurting Saturday and has continued to get worse. Unfortunately stretch marks are part of the puzzle when you are carrying full term twins, but I never thought they would be painful. Shirts or anything that touches my stomach is unpleasant, so I have been walking around in Tony's boxers and a a sports bra... hot I know! We found oil yesterday made for itchy and sore skin, but I think I am going to give in and call my doctor this morning to see if he has some numbing cream or something to get me through to Wednesday. I can do anything for two days!


Wilkins Family said...

I CANNOT imagine what you're going through!!! I only have one little man in my belly and I thought I was uncomfortable! I'm still amazed (as I'm sure you are) that you are still pregnant! And you're poor skin on your tummy!!! That's awful! You're still in my prayers :) (and weird..maybe our being pregnant together makes me in tune with you, LOL!) Love you, girl! Wednesday will be such an awesome day and I hope it gets here FAST! By the way, that's my sister, Lindsay's birthday! Yay! I can't WAIT to see pictures! Give my love to your mom too!!

Tawny said...

Oh my goodness, Laura, that bloating is unreal. It's almost over and you'll meet them sooooon!!

Kari said...

I know, swelling sucks big time! Unfortunately I swelled up early on and couldn't find shoes that would fit! :( And I remember the last days of stretching too. Oddly, I didn't get stretch marks until the very end-- which just ticked me off more! =) I continued to swell for a week or two even after my c-section too, so don't freak out if you do as well.