Friday, March 19, 2010

Gertrude McFuzz

Our poor little Laney has inherited my stick straight hair. As you can see every hair on her head sticks straight up! After yesterday's bath we brushed her hair once and it immediately "fluffed" to standing position. I was sure that it would be matted down after a full 24 hours of bows and hats... boy was I wrong. When I pulled her hat off this morning it went right back up! I had the exact same dark hair that stuck straight up as a baby. My moms said after a few months it started to grow in blonde and lay down. But it is fun to see pictures of me as a baby and comp are them to sweet little Laney... or Gertrude should I say.

My sister, Auntie Amanda, flew down today to visit and immediately gave Laney the nickname Gertrude McFuzz from a Dr. Seuss book. We think it fits perfectly!

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Nichole said...

Love the hair! :o) Your babies are awesomely cute!