Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's a Good Thing We're Cute

because Mommy is not a fan of some of our new habits. The kiddos, as adorable as they may be, do not seem quite so adorable in the middle of a breakdown (or the middle of the night). The babies were sleeping great at first, but have decided 4 hour stretches are no fun anymore. We have been looking at about 2 hour stretches the last few nights which leaves me trying every trick in the book to keep two babies quiet and somewhat happy until feeding time. This is one of those times where two really is so much more difficult. I would love to bring a baby out to the rocking chair and rock them back to sleep, but when one makes a peep the other one always stirs, so I can't leave the room with just one. Daddy had to take one twice last night so I could take the other to be settled down in the rocker. The babies have always loved 4:30am. I am not sure why, but every day since the day we came home from the hospital they have woken up at 430. Usually a pacifier will do the trick to put them back to sleep, but some nights we stay up until the 6 o'clock feeding. I still cannot complain, I have been able to do everything pretty much on my own so Daddy can try to sleep at night, and it has not been so bad. But yesterday (and we repeated this morning) both babies had a meltdown at 5:30am. The babies were not having meltdowns at all (day or night) until a couple days ago, but they have both been a wreck form 530-6 for two days now. I am still trying to figure out this multiples thing when both babies are screaming. I know how to stay calm and calm one down, but not sure how you do two once they get that worked up. But thankfully the days have been quiet, adorable, and fun! They are awake anywhere from 1-2 hours of each 4 hour stretch and generally very happy. Sleep or no sleep there is still no place I would rather be but with my little ones. Here we are the last few days:


Amanda said...

That smiling picture of Laney is the funniest thing!
And it will get better, but it just takes time. The first month or two are the hardest by far. And yes, it is a good thing they're cute. That won't change for a long time. It's the only thing that's saved P & L's lives many a time...

Kari said...

Amanda's right-- it was the first two months that were the hardest for me (and possibly worse because of my post-partum depression), but it gets better. By about then you get on a pretty good schedule. Have you tried gas drops? E & E always had bouts of gas and would cry for what seemed like no reason. I would buy the generic brand from Target. I would often times just put it in every bottle just to play it safe.

And do you swaddle them? I know that not all babies like them, but I did it FOREVER. They would get out of them, but it really seemed to comfort them at night and they slept way better-- get them tight too! I bought the velcro ones from babies r us.

You're doing great though! Sometimes they just cry and that's healthy for them (according to our dr.)... it's just hard to hear in the middle of the night, I know! =)