Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dellan and Laney's Arrival

We are finally home and getting settled in after a long and exciting week. The babies made it to their scheduled C-section on Wednesday, March 10th. We were scheduled to have the surgery at 12:30, but got delayed a little due to an emergency before us. Laney was born at 1:11 and Dellan at 1:12pm. The procedure went very well and was much more comfortable than I had anticipated. Tony, who had sworn he would never, watched the babies come out and even cut their cords! He got to follow the babies into the nursery to be cleaned off while my mom stayed with me while they finished the surgery. We were in recovery for almost 2 hours before meeting the rest of the family and friends in our post partum room. We stayed for 3 days in the hospital. Here are some pictures of the delivery and our time at the hospital .

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Tawny said...

What an experience! They are so cute and I just want to snuggle with them. Enjoy being a mommy!