Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Last Night

Grammie took us out to a restaurant for our last night before the babies arrive, as it will be awhile before we go out to dinner again. This picture shows just how much I have grown in the past 2 weeks (see 36 week photos below). It is crazy! My stomach feels fake it is so big these days. The skin continues to be itchy and sore, and this is the only shirt that doesn't hurt, so I must admit I have worn it for several days in a row now. I will be glad to see it go!

Another restaurant story: We went to Dukes for Fish Tacos in Malibu the night before and had the manager and a couple waitresses come up to us to ask when we were due, etc. I think they felt sorry for my tummy because they gave us free Hula Pie! You know it's getting bad when you get Sympathy Hula Pie, but you better believe I ate it :0)


Kari said...

WOW! Babies have grown! =) You're going to have some big ones! =)

Praying for a smooth delivery this afternoon!

Wilkins Family said...

Amazing!!! You definitely did grow!! Your poor tummy!!! It almost looks like you threw a beach ball under your shirt to "pretend" you were prego :) haha...well, by now, you've had those wee ones! Can't wait to see pictures!

poling said...

Congrats, Laura & Tony. The kiddos are gorgeous. So happy for you guys!